Spelia Organic Green Olives in brine (3 pcs)

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100% Organic Green Olives
Exceptional high quality
Premium package
Net weight: 265g 

100% ORGANIC AND CERTIFIED – As with all Spelia products, our Green Olives are certified and comply with the highest EU Food Standards. Our delicious Olives are 100% Organic, a naturally antioxidant-rich food, contributing to a healthy and balanced diet for you and your family. Green olives are ideal for salads but also plain as a snack, appetizer or side dish.

PREMIUM PACKAGING - With our Premium Organic Green Olives comes a Premium package that is 100% recyclable. Its neatly designed cover protects the Olives from external conditions and light exposure, keeping your Olives fresh and durable. They are packaged for you in brine so that they reach your table with their rich taste and crunchy texture unaltered.

BIO Hellas Certified Organic Product of Greece.

Minimum order quantity: 3 jars package