Our Inspiration


Welcome to Greece - known as the land of the sun and the olives!

Somewhere in the Peloponnese region, is a small village called Spelia, which is famous for its excellent olive oil. From here begins our story and our knowledge of the benefits of extra virgin olive oil!


The idea was pioneered 40 years ago by my grandfather Giannis who started out as a simple worker engaged in the production of olive oil in Spelia village. Over the years, he evolved from a worker to a landowner - possessing a significantly large number of olive trees. The road to success was his hard work with unparalleled love and in-depth knowledge of olive oil and the daily vigilance to innovate.


Unfortunately, our grandfather is not with us. But I, Stamatis, my brother John and our father Manolis are custodians of the original vision that is to motivate people to eat healthier and introduce them to our Spelia! Our customers are at the heart of our Company and our goal is to improve our service to them everyday.

Way forward...

This section is aimed primarily at those young people who are constantly facing obstacles in trying something new! Back in 2018, in the city of Bath (UK), my good friend Ankesh Gupta and I would talk at length about the need for a healthier lifestyle. Since our vision aligned, we pulled up our socks and got to work! We found the solution to a need, and a simple MBA assignment evolved into a project, and the project turned into a journey - a journey with Spelia. Through Spelia, we want to unite Greece and India. But most importantly, Spelia stands as a testimony to our friendship and reminds us of the experiences and challenges we faced together.

Tomorrow is a continuous journey, driven by Spelia, to new parts of the world meeting new friends!

Our dream... To motivate people across the globe to eat healthy!
Our goal... To make new friends and travel with Spelia to many parts of the world!

Our goal is to sit at the table with you and give aroma and fresh taste to your conversation. We want some space at your table and in your hearts.