Origin: Peloponnese - Greece
Acidity Rate: Extremely Low (<0.5%)
Variety: 100% Koronian
Net Weight: 500 ml
Color: Black Matte

Superior category BIO extra virgin olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means. The olives are hand collected and the oil is immediately cold extracted to ensure the preservation of the nutritional values.

An organic extra virgin olive oil with low acidity throughout its life, with all indicators of physicochemical characteristics to prove the exceptional high quality. Our product comes from the Peloponnese and its variety is 100% Koronian. Our variety produces golden-green olive oil with a fruity taste and moderate bitterness. Our oil is ideal for raw consumption on salads as well as cooking and baking. The Limited Edition package consists of a painted black matte bottle that protects the product from external conditions and the sun. It has a special touch that gives you the ability to feel its special content.

BIO Hellas Certified Organic Product of Greece.